Building Purpose-Driven Brands 

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Get attention. Serve more people. Amplify your brand presence.

The Holistic Approach to Human-to-Human Marketing

Supporting brand guardians — executive directors, development directors, marketing and communications executives, and school administration with brand strategy, key messaging, content, and creative, looking to best express their brand's value to those who care about why they've decided to be in service to others.

VCM Strategies is led by a former marketing executive, development director, special events manager, and market researcher turned entrepreneur who has been in your shoes, as a member of a team, and even a department of one, experienced in shaping the perceptions of key stakeholders to build a brand from strategic thinking through to marketing that attracts more of the consumers — clients, customers, parents, or supporters you want to engage. So let’s work together to build a community around your brand by deepening your relationships with your key stakeholders.

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60-Minute Strategy Intensive

Having a brand strategist to talk to about building your brand and executing your marketing can save you from wasting time and money and from headaches. 


In one 60-Minute Strategy Intensive, you can receive solid guidance on brand development and how to improve your marketing with an actionable strategic roadmap to follow to help you overcome some of your brand or marketing challenges.

Strategic Branding Courses

When you find yourself questioning how to build up a purpose-driven brand while not knowing what to do for a competitive edge to stand out in your industry, you already know confusion is the enemy of peace and focus.


We offer two courses, one on brand strategy and another on messaging strategy, so that you can align your values with those of your stakeholders, develop your brand voice, create content that converts, and so much more.


Let us work together so that clarity will bring you peace of mind. Sign up today!

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Not clear what your next step should be?

Book a 20-Minute Complimentary Brand Clarity Call. Please be ready with questions that will help you determine if VCM Strategies is the right brand strategist for you. Do not book this type of call if you are looking for a “pick-your-brain” call.


How To Better Understand Your Ideal Consumer (Concept Paper)

Download this concept paper and learn how you can best approach understanding your ideal consumer profile — a critical part of your business growth strategy and brand strategy development for authentic holistic marketing to your affinity audiences. 

Download this concept paper to learn more.

Vanessa is ridiculously knowledgeable in her fields of expertise. I felt more confident in my business after implementing a few tips I learned from just one consultation with Vanessa! Be prepared to change your perspective for the betterment of your business.

- Sidra Robertson, Owner | Sidra Startups

Strategic Branding Insights