Simplify The Decision To Choose You

The key is to build a community most aligned with your values using psychology hacks to unleash conversions, support, new leads, and more. Use strategic thinking to make you as their top choice a simple one.

Led By A Marketing Unicorn

VCM Strategies is a consultancy founded by principal strategist Vanessa Matthew, specializing in brand and messaging strategies. She has been a marketer for over 15 years and knows when you're driving marketing, communications, or fundraising efforts, you always need help. There's only but so much that volunteers and interns can do. Sometimes, you just need a marketing executive.

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If you are pushing through your days wearing all the hats. If you struggle to set aside weeks on your calendar to establish a game plan for reaching more people or increasing engagement among those who already know who you are. Or, if you don’t know how to approach’s time to get some help.


You don’t have to build a brand alone—let's work together.

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Ready to get right to design and content?

Sorry. Not here. You can get help with these things after creating your brand and messaging strategy. The goal at VCM is to provide you with a brand foundation to make the choice to support you simple and easy.

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What's At Stake?

An uphill battle to build a community around your brand and a waste of time and money on your marketing efforts. Worst of all, you’ll continue to go relatively unseen, unheard, and misunderstood.

Instead, let’s take some pressure off your shoulders by working together.

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