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Simplify the decision to choose you.

Others are offering services similar to yours. So what! The key is to build a community most aligned with your values using psychology hacks to unleash conversions, support, new leads, and more. Use strategic thinking to make you as their top choice a simple one.

To help with decision-making, it is not your responsibility to convince people of your value. Instead, you are responsible for making sure people know the value you offer. A brand strategy and messaging framework will do this.

This is where I come in.

Hi, I am Vanessa Matthew — the owner of VCM Strategies.

#Blackgirlmagic is here! But, I am no magician. I listen to what you want and identify what you need to move closer to your idea of success. I'm process-driven and known for picking up the ball and running with it. But how could I not be? I've been a marketing director, development director, and event planner during my 10-year career in the nonprofit sector, so I get all the challenges that nonprofits face. 

I've also worked with and on behalf of small service businesses and understand the challenges small businesses owners face. And now, I am an Adjunct Instructor, teaching marketing research and analytics at West Virginia University—remotely, as I still live in Brooklyn.


From content writing to social media management, I've done nearly everything marketing, including working on 70 globally renowned client accounts (e.g., Chase, P&G, Pepsi, among others) as a senior market research analyst at Ketchum PR. But, the focus of VCM Strategies is to provide you with the foundation you need for your branding and marketing, which you can do at any time.


Altogether, I have over 16 years of marketing experience, so when I say I can help, I can. Just check my LinkedIn profile.


My team of experts that help to make magic happen.

VCM Strategies is a sole proprietorship, and our team consists of experts that can be brought together to suit your marketing needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Paid Ads

Maisha Walker

Maisha is an award-winning Internet industry veteran helping companies achieve aggressive customer growth by leveraging search engine optimization and advertising; email marketing; Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram advertising; and organic social media content.

Website and Graphic Designers

Lara Kisielewska

Lara has been bringing clients’ ideas and visions to life for 25 years. No matter what you have in mind, if you can think of it, she can create it for you. When she is done modifying your website, magazine, marketing kit, or 10-year anniversary logo, she can help you get it into the hands of your prospects.

Nancy Ruzow

Are you looking for visual designs and branding that will wow the socks off of everyone? From designs for investor pitches and product launches to website designs and design refreshes, with Nancy, you'll have visuals for your brand you can be proud of, and that will move you closer to reaching your business goals.


After 30 years of designing for all business types, Nancy offers the personal attention of a nuanced, visual storyteller combined with extensive and collaborative firm capabilities. She has won 77 awards and counting from the American Graphic Design Awards, Healthcare Marketing Awards, and many more.

Social Media Marketers

Margaret Brown

Margaret has been socializing brands since 2008. She helps businesses build digital communities, maximize social media, and develop profitable social media business plans. She has successfully served hundreds of businesses across the country and loves helping businesses and professionals.

Sidra Robertson

Sidra specializes in elevating the presence of brands on social media, developing high-quality, engaging, and creative social media posts, creating social media campaigns, and increasing and cultivating audiences through strategic engagement.

Public Relations Expert

Karen Taylor Bass

Karen is an award-winning PR expert, storyteller, speaker, and media coach. She has created strategic public relations and marketing campaigns for nonprofits, schools, corporations, luxury brands, celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs.


Karen’s placements range from the Associated Press, NY Daily News, New York Times, NPR, WBLS-FM (NY), Hot97-FM (NYC), ABC News, Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo News, Oprah, AOL Parenting, Forbes to Entrepreneur magazine. 

She has also been featured as a PR Expert and ‘Brand’ Mom in several media outlets including: Dr. Oz, CNN, BET, NBC Today, Fox-TV, ABC-TV Here and Now, WPIX-11, Entrepreneur, Essence, Newsday, NY Daily News and more.

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Not Sold, Yet?

A killer authentic brand is created intentionally. If you want to see a vast improvement to your marketing by developing a brand identity based on consumer insights, there should be no hesitation.


Position your brand or be positioned. Crush your competition strategically, or be crushed by your competition. The ball is in your court.

Take action!

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What’s at Stake?

An uphill battle to build a ommunity around your brand and a waste of time and money on your marketing efforts. Worst of all, you’ll continue to go relatively unseen, unheard, and misunderstood.


Instead, let’s take some of the pressure off your shoulders so that you can be more successful and happier serving others by working together.

Brand Pillars

Our why, vision, mission, and...

VCM Strategies evolved from a desire to help those who are helping others. And our vision for the future is to see brand guardians, especially those of or serving marginalized groups, grow and scale their businesses or organizations for the positive trickle-down impact their success will have on the communities they serve by developing a brand strategy and a messaging framework for them.

...values that drive VCM Strategies forward are:

  • Clarity: We believe in authenticity, and nothing is more authentic than radical honesty and clarity about who you are, why you exist, and who you want to serve.


  • Transparency: We are an open book for all — operating ethically and with integrity.


  • Insight: We are always looking to achieve aha moments at every turn.


  • Empathy: We open ourselves up to emotionally understanding what others feel to be thoughtful in our approach.