Image by Zoltan Tasi

Brazen Brand Guidelines

Our guide is a living document that reflects our brand personality, voice, positioning, and more.



Brazen Marketer creates brand strategies and then executes against them for brands who want to go big and be successful.


By working with Brazen Marketer, brands can connect with their target audience, stand out from the crowd, and grow their brand.


To help businesses worldwide grow and scale for the economic empowerment of their communities, particularly minority-owned businesses by black and indigenous people of color (BIPOC), statistically known to struggle with entrepreneurship and business growth.


To provide brands with bespoke brand strategies that reveal their content and creative direction, which, if desired, Brazen Marketer can help measure and execute against.


  • Excellence

  • Leadership

  • Scrupulous Attention to Detail

  • Wisdom


Target Audience

A person who owns a professional service-based business.


This person wants security, stability, to win, succeed, and be prosperous.

Quality, bespoke services, and high-touch engagements are more appealing to this business owner.

They want the best of the best and nothing less.


We go through a thoughtfully crafted brand strategy process in weeks instead of months to provide marketing strategy guidance, content, and custom website builder-based sites. 

Communication Style

We speak confidently because we are confident that we provide our clients with the best.

We aim to be nothing less than refined and polished in our communications.



We aren't afraid to take bold action. We don't settle for less and demand the best. We hope you do, too.


Refined, commanding, articulate, informed, and guiding.


Formal, persuasive, inspirational


Prussian Blue is trustworthy, dependable, strong, stable, sincere. 

Fig is conservative and down-to-earth, regal, reliable, driven, though creative in nature.

Black is loyal, disciplined, an overachiever, sophisticated.

Gold is for a touch of optimism and warmth.