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Brand Strategy Development

Achieve strategic brand clarity across a diverse spectrum of brand projects with a fierce collaborator thats a bit disruptive to maximize efforts to build brand equity.

Lets use audience insights to weave together a strong creative narrative to position your brand in a particular way to your target audiences.

Six Brand Strategy Benefits

Executing marketing according to a brand strategy can lead to, on average, 3.5 times more brand visibility and save up to 30 hours per month on content development.

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Brand Strategy Benefit #4

Who loves you? Your target audience of customers and consumers will, once you’re super clear about your brand, what it stands for, and who it is for. Likability builds trust, and trust gets you the results you want.


Brand Strategy Benefit #5

How others view your brand is critical to its success. A brand strategy will help give you the direction you need to truly shape your audiences’ perceptions of your brand.

Brand Strategy Benefit #6

When youre clear about your brand strategy, you gain clarity about your offerings and the right words to express what you do so that customers can better select your offerings.

Brand Strategy Benefit #1

Ready to shake things up in your industry? Nothing like a little disruption that puts you head-to-head with your competition to win business from them. It’s all about employing out-of-the-box thinking to take your brand to the next level—a result of a great brand strategy.

Brand Strategy Benefit #2

Youve got amazing ideas, but if you struggle to align them with business goals, you will struggle to move your business forward. A brand strategy will help you sort through all your thoughts about your brand so that you have a clear direction forward for brand success.

Brand Strategy Benefit #3

Unique! That’s what you are. It’s time to own it. A brand strategy can help your business stand out in a way that is completely unique.

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Let's Create A Custom Brand Strategy For You

A focus on exploring provocative insights, creative ideation, and compelling storytelling are the best ways to achieve radical differentiation—the ultimate goal of a great brand strategy.

It is a creative thinking process that we can go through together to generate new ideas to build brands, grow your business, and advance your business plan.


Using an analytical approach to research and understanding semiotics, human behavior, and cognition is also critical to brand planning.


Allow VCM Strategies’ to create an impactful brand strategy for you that embodies all the aforementioned, as VCM Strategies specializes in creating brand strategies that unlock the ability to create brand experiences that positively influence audience and stakeholder behaviors.

Expertise ranges from brand research and positioning to equity analysis and value discovery.

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Brand discovery sessions

Brand research

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Brand personality development

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Brand editorial guidelines

Brand strategy guidelines

NOTE: After determining the long-term strategic idea for your brand, it is creatively expressed through a document that establishes brand rules for the presentation and communication of a brand to the public.


Two forms of this document can be created. A full brand strategy with visual identity guidelines is called a Brand Book. Without visual identity guidelines, the document is called a Messaging Guide. Both documents are guidelines important for ensuring that a brand is treated consistently by all designers, marketers, and other staff who create any branded materials. 


Once a full or partial brand strategy is created, VCM Strategies can help you activate your brand strategy with the support of trusted marketing partners who can continue to bring your brand to life.

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Brand Refresh Fit for a Queen


“Vanessa went the extra mile at every turn, and the result is a brand that has exceeded our wildest exceptions.”

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