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Brand Strategy Development

A brand strategy will prepare you to attract people who would most benefit from your services. You’ll spend more time serving customers and less time and energy wondering if what your brand is saying about you is working in your favor or not.

If you want to build a brand from scratch, build a better brand, or fix a broken brand, you are in the right place

VCM Strategies will help you:

  • Attempt to disrupt an entire industry if you want to

  • Sort through the noise in your head about your brand and get it all down on paper so that your direction forward is clear

  • Create ownable brand differentiation

  • Increase the likability of your brand

  • Shape your target audience's perception of your brand

  • Help customers better select your offerings

Executing marketing according to a brand strategy can lead to, on average, 3.5 times more brand visibility and save up to 30 hours per month on content development.

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Creating an ecosystem around your brand, or a brand experience, so that people can resonate with your brand just doesn't happen overnight. Brand strategy development may lay the foundation for a brand to flourish, but an effort and commitment must be made to grow it over time with marketing communications.

In this context, it is important to note that a brand is not a logo, promise, or a sum of impressions. It is a customer's gut feeling about a business and a brand strategy is the opportunity to create a strategic advantage for yourself in the market. This means that a business must connect with its ideal customer on a deep psychological level.


Since human psychology is layered and nuanced, so must the approach be to influencing the decisions of others in any capacity, including the approach to brand strategy development.

VCM Strategies nudges customers in the direction desired by clients with:

Brand audits

Brand discovery sessions

Brand research

Brand supporter profiles

Brand personality development

Brand platform development

Brand identity design

Brand story development

Brand architecture development

Brand message development

Brand editorial guidelines

Brand strategy guidelines

NOTE: After determining the long-term strategic idea for your brand, it is then creatively expressed through a document that establishes brand "rules" for the presentation and communication of a brand to the public.


Two forms of this document can be created. A full brand strategy with visual identity guidelines is called a Brand Book. Without visual identity guidelines, the document is called a Messaging Guide. Both documents are guidelines important for ensuring that a brand is treated consistently by all designers, marketers, and other staff who create any branded materials. 


Once a full or partial brand strategy is created, VCM Strategies can activate your brand with a launch-ready Wix website design, copywriting services, or marketing supported by a trusted VCM Strategies marketing partner who can continue to bring your brand to life.

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Brand Refresh Fit for a Queen


“Vanessa went the extra mile at every turn, and the result is a brand that has exceeded our wildest exceptions.”

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