Brand Strategy Development


A brand strategy is a document detailing your brand persona, colors, typography, and voice to infuse psychological symbolism into your brand. The brand strategy also supports your business strategy and informs your marketing strategy.

Why Create a Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy will prepare you to attract people who would most benefit from your services. You’ll spend more time serving customers and less time and energy wondering if what your brand is saying about you is working in your favor or not.

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

The discovery meeting is actually a three-hour Interactive Brand Strategy Workshop. After this workshop, you’ll receive a roadmap for what you must do to build your brand effectively with branding and brand personality recommendations. 

Step 2: Brand Audit

Step 2 is for those who have an existing brand that is being marketed. For your audit, I will collect quality data on and from your audience and brand to provide you with a Brand Audit Report that includes a brand inventory and brand exploratory.

Step 3: Brand Strategy

When you need brand clarity, marketplace differentiation, and better marketing, creating a brand strategy is an important step. Executing marketing according to a brand strategy can lead to, on average, 3.5 times more brand visibility and save up to 30 hours per month on content development.


This step includes nailing down your why, brand purpose, mission, vision, values, promise, and positioning. We’ll also select your brand persona, voice, tone, possible colors, and fonts using data on your target audience and competitors.

​At the end of this step, you will be prepared to create a Messaging Strategy, as you will receive Audience Insights, Audience Personas, and a Brand Book (Brand Guidelines).

Birds of paradise

The average comprehensive strategy takes about 350 hours to complete. This timing includes ten audience member interviews. 

Brand Refresh Fit for a Queen


“Vanessa went the extra mile at every turn, and the result is a brand that has exceeded our wildest exceptions.”

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