Online Strategy Courses 


Brand Strategy Course starts Thursday, October 7, 2021 from 9AM - 11AM EST!


October 7, 2021

Application deadline: Thurs, September 23, 2021

Small course size: 8 people


6 weeks, online

Effort: 3-5 hours/week


US $800

A course is $900 on a 3-month payment plan.

Special group pricing

Is Your Brand Working For You?

VCM Strategies offers two courses — a Strategic Branding Course and a Strategic Messaging Course.

Strategic Branding Course

Learn the secret sauce to brand building and how you can position your brand to stand out and crush your competition. You will also learn the framework for building an authentic brand and how to develop a brand identity based on consumer insights.

Strategic Messaging Course

You will learn how to create your messaging strategy or rather a stakeholder communications plan. You will never have to wonder what to say again. And as part of your brand messaging framework, you will also develop your brand guidelines and a compelling brand story to deepen your relationship with your target audience.

More importantly, you will learn how to build a community around your brand. Discover what it takes to build a brand that stands out from the crowd and converts like crazy.

Do what others aren’t willing to do.

Are you ready to learn what goes into building the brands of the world’s most notable business? Discover what it takes to build a brand that stands out from the crowd and converts like crazy. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to tap into human thoughts and behaviors to grow your business or organization. Few take the time to learn how to do this — do what others aren’t willing to do to achieve your goals.​

By attending these courses, you will:

  • Build your brand faster than doing so by yourself.

  • Save yourself from years of frustration and wondering why your brand is still shaky.

  • Get clear on whom you serve and what you should say to them.

  • Understand how to attract people who will value the services you offer.

How It Works

The Program Structure

Each course meets for six (6) weeks for 2 hours a week to go over the week’s lesson, with a live Q&A call among your peers. Worksheets, exercises, and templates will be provided to complement each coaching session. If you miss any of the sessions for any reason, you can request up to two recordings for the missed sessions. In addition to these calls, you will have access to a forum/discussion board for collaboration and Q&As. 

It all starts with a 1:1 strategic planning call. We will discuss your goals during this call and clarify what you need to do to achieve them. After the program begins, you will be able to schedule bi-weekly calls with your instructor in addition to your kickoff call. During these calls, you will have an opportunity to go over your assignments or discuss your brand, communications, or marketing.​

However, if you need to speak with me more frequently, you will need to download the Voxer App for text communications.

Strategic Branding Course Breakdown

Module 1 - The Importance and Use of Brand Strategy

With your brand strategy super connected to your business strategy, you'll explore what a brand and brand strategy is. You will also learn why having a brand strategy is crucial for your business or organization.

Module 2 - The Development of Your Why

Clarity is underrated. Making sure you have a clear understanding and articulation of your brand purpose, mission, vision, values, and mantra is key to establishing a foundation for your brand development success.

Module 3 - Brand Research

Create a solid foundation for your differentiated service brand messaging — visual, written, and oral — using in-depth brand research for a better understanding of your target audience and competitors.

Module 4 - Brand Positioning and Brand Promise

In this module, you'll be challenged to develop your brand positioning and promise. Both messages influence the position you want to hold in the mind of your consumer when compared to others in your space.

Module 5 - Brand Personality Development

Brand personalities humanize your brand and make them entities that people are drawn to, just like how you were drawn to the qualities and characteristics of your friends. You'll learn how to give your brand a personality that determines its voice and tone development, colors, and other design elements.

Module 6 - Brand Strategy Guideline Development

This is the module in which you pull everything you've learned together to create your brand strategy guidelines.

Strategic Messaging Course Breakdown

Module 1 - The Importance and Use of a Messaging Strategy

After you create your brand strategy, developing a messaging strategy is an important next step for your brand that will help articulate what you are offering to the world, so we'll explore all the reasons you need one for your business or organization.

Module 2 - Uncovering Functional and Emotional Brand Benefits

People want to know what's in it for them. By the end of this module, you'll be able to articulate the benefits you provide to those you serve in the most compelling way. and how to deliver them at the right time. You will never have to wonder what to say again.

Module 3 - Brand Story and Storytelling

A brand story is a narrative meant to connect and build a bond with your ideal consumers, both potential and current. You learn how to develop a compelling brand story that deepens your relationship with your target audience.

Module 4 - Communications Brief Development

You'll develop a communication brief to provide others with your content within the context of particular information they need to convey your messages to your target audience in the most impactful way.

Modules 5 and 6 - Brand Messaging Framework Development

For these modules, you pull everything you've learned together to create your own messaging strategy guidelines with key brand messages.

Imagine if you could...

  • Create more value

  • Feel more confident about the direction of your brand

  • Delight more people

  • Nurture your brand so that it is one of your most valuable assets

  • Tell your brand story in a way that draws your target audience to you

  • Increase how likely people are to trust and support you

  • Make those whom you serve feel relieved and seen when they find you

Early registration is encouraged. Class space is limited for a personalized learning experience.

Flexible payment options are available.

How You’ll Be Supported

1 Weekly Session

During our weekly sessions, we will go over the lessons you must learn. You’ll also be able to ask questions about your assignments and have them answered. You will not only learn from me but from your group members.

I realize that extenuating circumstances may make your absence unavoidable. But I expect that when you join this program, you manage your commitments and priorities. Therefore, only two recorded sessions will be made available to you if you miss a session.

1:1 Support

To support you from the very beginning, we will schedule a one-hour 1:1 call to go over your strategic goals and the challenges you have been facing. After this call, you will be able to reach me via text or voicemail, and I will respond to you within a few hours.


Your time in the program also includes seven (7) 30-minute 1:1 calls to discuss your brand and marketing. Take advantage of the 1:1 time made available to you. I am here to save you time and frustration.

Accountability and Community

After each session, you will be asked to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned during class. You are to share your insights with me. You will also have assignments to complete that I will review. They will let me know how you are progressing through the program. Your feedback and assignments will also help guide our 1:1 calls.

Work with a marketer and brand strategist with over 16 years of experience. I have conducted market research for Fortune 500 companies and have marketed several notable nonprofits and small businesses for years. Clear-cut brand guidance is only a few clicks away. Let me help you build a brand you can be proud of.

Meet Your Instructor

I’ve executed marketing on behalf of nonprofits, global firms, and small businesses.


But, throughout my entire career, I’ve always found myself teaching others what I know, from senior leadership to interns. And whenever I speak about what I know, I am encouraged to teach.


With this said, I am trained and university-educated in best-in-class approaches to brand strategy and audience insights.


I am also well-versed in competitive analysis, surveying, ethnography, integrated marketing communications, and design by marketing and brand leaders.


My expertise makes it possible for you to receive clear-cut brand guidance that you can use to grow or scale.

Vanessa Matthew, owner of VCM Strategies

VCM Strategies Branding Courses are for those who manage the brand or marketing of a service business or service organization.

Marketing can be challenging. But the steps to creating a well-put-together brand with messaging you know will connect deeply with your target audience shouldn’t be a mystery. I will be your advisor, as well as your accountability partner. More importantly, I will provide you with structure.

What Other Professionals Are Saying

“Oh! Vanessa is a Godsend! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her. Few people have her level of creativity and her ability to think outside the box, all while breaking down complicated concepts to the most novice entrepreneur. I highly recommend Vanessa. She will give you the game plan to get your coins right!” - Liv Nicole, Owner | Unity Spaces

“Vanessa was educational, informative, and on-target. She was also able to handle questions from business owners with grace. It was a pleasure to hear her speak, as she is providing real value to those who need help with their marketing. All participants left the session with increased knowledge and confidence.” - Asia Marchaman, Senior Analyst, New York University