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Building a Bold Brand for Social Change: Espirit Consulting Case Study

About Espirit Consulting: Transforming Nonprofits with High-Performance Fundraising Strategies

Espirit Consulting is a fundraising and communications consultancy that helps nonprofits create social change and transform communities through high-performance fundraising strategies.

Challenge: Establishing a Strong Brand Identity and Messaging Strategy in a Competitive Nonprofit Space

Espirit Consulting needed to establish a clear brand identity and messaging strategy that would effectively differentiate the company from other consultancies in the nonprofit space. Additionally, the company required a modern and sleek website design that would encourage visitors to reach out for fundraising solutions.

Solution: A Comprehensive Brand Overhaul

To address Espirit Consulting’s needs, VCM Strategies developed a comprehensive brand and messaging strategy that included a name change to “Espirit Consulting” from “Synergist Strategies for Philanthropy.” The new brand identity was reflected in a bold and regal visual identity used to create a modern and sleek website design. Additionally, the website was designed to encourage visitors to reach out to Espirit Consulting for fundraising solutions.

Process Components: Brand research (audience and competitors), audience insights, brand strategy (values, positioning, persona, naming), messaging and voice, content (website), and creative (website, visual identity, color scheme, and fonts).

Uptick in Consulting Contract Opportunities for Espirit Consulting with New Brand Identity and Website Design

Following the implementation of the new brand strategy, messaging strategy, and website redesign, Espirit Consulting experienced an uptick in consulting contract opportunities. The clear and compelling brand identity and messaging strategy established by VCM Strategies effectively differentiated Espirit Consulting from other consultancies in the nonprofit space, making it a more attractive choice for potential clients. Additionally, the modern and sleek website design helped to drive more traffic to Espirit Consulting’s site and encouraged visitors to reach out for fundraising solutions.

Don’t let the current state of your brand hold you back. Let VCM Strategies help you create a bold and compelling brand identity that sets you apart from the competition. Reach out today, and let’s get started!


“Vanessa’s expertise in web design, strategy, and messaging exceeded my expectations! Her creativity and attention to detail produced a website showcasing my business in the best light with content that conveyed my core message. Not only did she create a beautiful design, but she also ensured that it was user-friendly and optimized for search engines. Working with Vanessa was a joy, as she was always responsive, patient, and collaborative. I am thrilled with the results and have already seen increased engagement and inquiries from potential clients. Thank you, Vanessa, for your exceptional work!”

- Pamela R. Babb, Owner | Espirit Consulting

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