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Maximizing Contracting Opportunities with a Strong Online Presence: A Case Study of VCM Strategies and F2M Fire and Drafting Designs

Introducing F2M FADDS, a Leading Fire Sprinkler System Design Company

F2M is a leading fire sprinkler system design firm with 20 years of experience. Their expertise spans new construction projects, as well as full-scale retrofitting and renovations. F2M is renowned for providing innovative, code-compliant, gold-standard quality fire sprinkler designs for fire protection projects, always delivered on time and within budget.

Challenge: F2M’s Website Did Not Reflect the Brand’s Guidelines

F2M’s website did not accurately reflect its brand’s mission and values. The language on the website was focused on the company rather than the people it served, and its services were not clearly defined. This made it challenging for potential clients to understand F2M’s unique value proposition.

How VCM Strategies Improved F2M’s Brand Strategy and Positioning

Working closely with F2M, VCM Strategies developed a lite brand strategy based on target audience research. We used insights from this research to create compelling, audience-focused content that positioned F2M as a trusted partner to general contractors and architects. This content was used to revamp F2M’s website and capabilities statement, providing a great first impression for new contracting opportunities.

By investing in a clear and compelling brand strategy, F2M now has a website that effectively communicates its expertise and experience. The owners can now connect with potential clients and contractors more easily, helping them continue with the growth and expansion of their business.

Process Components: Brand research (audience and competitors), audience insights, brand strategy (values, voice, position, value proposition), messaging, content (website, social, and email marketing content), and creative (website).

The Results of F2M’s Improved Brand Strategy and Website Design

After implementing the new brand strategy, website redesign, and updated capabilities statement, F2M saw increased website traffic, engagement, and lead generation. The new website accurately reflected the brand’s guidelines, and the language spoke directly to the needs of the company’s target audience. This resulted in a 15% increase in inquiries from general contractors and architects, which led to a 10% increase in new business over the next six months. With the new brand positioning and professional materials, F2M was able to differentiate itself from competitors and establish itself as a trusted partner in the industry.

Ready to enhance your brand and grow your business with VCM Strategies? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your marketing goals and stand out in your industry.


“VCM Strategies transformed our online presence and helped us establish a trustworthy image that has enabled us to compete effectively for contracting opportunities. Our previous website was outdated and didn’t accurately reflect our services or values. Vanessa listened attentively to our needs, and her insights and recommendations informed our brand messaging and website design. The result is a professional and modern website that we’re proud to showcase to potential clients. Working with Vanessa was a pleasure, and we look forward to collaborating with her on future marketing projects to further grow our business.”


— Fernandez and Farah McKenley, Owners | F2M Fire and Drafting Designs

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