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Building an Online Brand Presence for Healthcare Recruitment: The Leap Network’s Branding and Website Redesign

The Leap Network: Placing Talented Healthcare Professionals in Underserved Communities

The Leap Network is a healthcare recruitment agency that places talented, diverse, and underrepresented healthcare professionals in community hospitals and federally qualified health centers. Their mission is to improve patient care by ensuring that healthcare providers reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

Connecting with Clients and Candidates: The Leap Network’s Struggle to Define their Brand

When The Leap Network approached VCM Strategies, they already had an existing brand identity in place. However, they recognized that the identity lacked a clear personality and brand position, making it difficult for potential clients and candidates to connect deeply with the brand and owner.


Rather than completely changing the brand identity, the goal was to infuse it with more clarity and personality. To achieve this, VCM Strategies developed a comprehensive brand strategy and created a professional website that would effectively communicate The Leap Network’s unique value proposition to its target audience.

Infusing Personality and Clarity into The Leap Network’s Brand Identity

VCM Strategies began work with The Leap Network by conducting a situational analysis and competitive landscape overview to better understand The Leap Network’s target market’s wants and needs. Using secondary research, a brand strategy and communications strategy were developed to infuse personality and brand position into the existing brand identity. The new website was designed to include a job board and blog. Social media posts and email marketing content was also developed to support the brand’s awareness efforts.

Process Components: Brand research (audience and competitors), audience insights, brand strategy (values, voice, position, value proposition), messaging, content (website, social, and email marketing content), and creative (website).

Transforming The Leap Network’s Online Presence: A Successful Rebranding and Website Redesign

By partnering with VCM Strategies, The Leap Network was able to establish a clear and compelling verbal brand identity, creating a meaningful connection with potential clients and candidates. The new website, job board, and blog proved instrumental in attracting high-quality healthcare providers, driving growth for the agency. The new brand messaging was also well-received by the target audience, helping to improve patient care by placing diverse and underrepresented healthcare professionals in the community hospitals and health centers they serve.

At VCM Strategies, a strong brand identity and online presence are essential for any business looking to thrive in today’s competitive healthcare industry. If you’re facing similar challenges, let’s work together to establish a clear and compelling brand identity for you.


“I am pleased to offer a heartfelt recommendation for Vanessa Matthew of VCM Strategies. Vanessa was an exceptional consultant during The Leap Network, LLC’s branding and website design process. Her expertise, hard work, creativity, diligence, and thoughtful approach to my business and vision were instrumental in creating a brand and online presence that accurately represented my company.


Vanessa’s work included the development of a comprehensive brand strategy, including the development of branded website content, email marketing content, and social media post content and designs. She was a true professional, working tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the branding and design process was completed to the highest standards. Her attention to detail and ability to understand the needs of my business was truly remarkable. If you need branding and marketing services that deliver results, look no further than Vanessa Matthew of VCM Strategies.”


– Bobby Tugbiyele, Owner of The Leap Network

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