How To Tell Your Company's Brand Story

Updated: Jan 11

Before we get into ways to tell your brand story, let's explore what it is. A brand story is a narrative meant to connect and build a bond with your ideal clients, both potential and current. If a brand's core purpose is to do the same, then your brand strategy's core elements inform your brand story.

The entire process of creating a brand strategy is an exercise in storytelling. The client finds value in your story when you can make them a part of it by articulating that you understand their struggles, headaches, and worries.

Therefore, if you want your story to make an impact, your brand story should not be about your business or you, but about your ideal client. It's about acknowledging pain points and letting a client know how you've come to solve their problem(s).

By approaching the creation of any story for your brand this way, your website copy will be more impactful, and so will your advertisements.

Don't Just Advertise, Tell A Story.

Push advertising is a traditional marketing approach in which you would mass market your business to potential clients when the recipient didn't elect to see it in front of them (i.e., digital banner ads).

While push advertising might get you in front of your audience, advertising blindness can prevent your company from connecting with its target audience. Advertising blindness, whether it be conscious or unconscious, is the rejection of advertising information.

But, if you were to tell your brand story through advertisements, a potential client will be more inclined to pay attention because you've done one important thing. You've empathized with them, making them feel seen. They will look to you because you've demonstrated that you were paying attention to them.

Strategies To Tell Your Brand Story

So, when building your brand story around your audience, the first thing you should do is understand your audience's life, what they feel, and who they are.

Potential clients want to feel connected to the brands they are considering working with, and part of being able to do so is in their ability to resonate with your brand. Use your brand story to give your clients a chance to see what their life can be like by working with you.

After you understand your audience's life, put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself what do they want, need, and why. From this perspective, you will understand their challenges and how your company can work to solve them.

Brand Clarity Improves Brand Storytelling

To leverage brand storytelling once you understand your audience's challenges and journey, you can find ways to weave in how your brand can help them reach their goals.

But, for this to work, you must have a clear message. Without clarity, you lose the opportunity to show your clients why your story should matter to them.

Therefore, it is vitally important to create your brand story with the challenges that stop your clients from achieving the success they desire in mind.

The comprehension of such challenges will help you show empathy towards your clients and their everyday struggles. Your compassion will also help them to resonate with your brand.

With your client as the hero of the story, you can show a tangible transition of their problem and the solution that your company could provide through them.

How Airbnb Uses Brand Storytelling

Airbnb is an example of a modern company that uses customer stories as a form of storytelling. The stories presented on their website showcase real challenges travelers could have when staying in a new area.

Their stories explain problems and how their company works to help their users leave satisfied while being there for them in a supporting role.

The key is to provide detail to your story. Details create a mental picture for a potential client focused on the message you want to convey.

It would be best if you also thought of the brand story as a brand tool and the future of marketing as consumers will continue to divert from traditional marketing efforts.

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