How To Map Client Journeys for Your Website

Although reading the analytics for your website can be insightful, it can also be read inaccurately. The best way to determine if your website is really working in your favor would be to ask others to give you site feedback.

For example, just because you see people clicking on many of your website links does not always mean website visitors are super-engaged. It could mean that they are lost on your website and struggling to find the information they need.

Start with Audience Research

A great way to find out if your website is user-friendly and able to convert visitors into leads is to ask people who follow you on social media to visit your website to try and accomplish the primary thing you want prospective clients on your website to do. Then, ask them to take a survey about their experience on your website.

You can also reach out to people you know. Ask them to do the same and then interview them about their experience over the phone. Aim to get responses from at least 20 people. Getting insights from a handful of people just will not do.

You want to identify how to improve the key interactions people have with your brand considering their feelings, questions, and motivations at each touchpoint. You want to be clear about what a person wants to achieve and their brand expectations. Market research is the best way to learn this information.

What you don't want to do is make changes to your website based on your own feelings and assumptions. Once you conduct your research, you can create a client journey map.

The Client Journey Map Development

Usually, the map is an infographic, but it can be a video or storyboard with data and user feedback included. It should again shine a light on the questions, feelings, and needs of the interviewed or surveyed website users.

As mentioned above, focus on the main task, no more than three for my overachievers, that you want a prospect to accomplish on your website. Keep it simple and make sure that it details critical touchpoints the user goes through.

Having a client journey map will help you to make it easier for prospects to do business with you. Sometimes you are "too close to the elephant" to see that you are making it hard for people to work with you.

But people buy and do business with those who don't make them overthink. Call it mental laziness, and either you can make it work for you or against you. Outside of the client journey map, you also want to ask yourself:

  • If your prospective clients are online, can they also find you there?

  • Can someone easily navigate your website on their mobile phone?

  • Have you provided ample call-to-actions for people to do business with you?

  • Is your website mobile-friendly, or must one wait until they get home to use a desktop computer?

These are just a few questions you must consider as it relates to the client's journey.

Ways to Streamline the Client Journey Today

Now, look at the steps it would take for a person to become your client. Can you streamline steps between getting them from point A to point B? What would make your life easier if you were in your client’s shoes?

Your goal should be to improve your clients' experience from initial outreach to a repeat client. But until you build out your map, here are some best practice changes you can make right now to make it easier for people to do business with you.

  • Shorten your contact form

  • Use a chatbot with automated responses

  • Make your contact information easy to find

  • The lower the reading level of your content

  • Use a calendar link for people to put time on your calendar without sending emails back and forth

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