Harlem Commonwealth Council - Case Study

Updated: Feb 5

Learn how I helped a nonprofit anchor institution, serving adults and youth in a culturally diverse community, jumpstart marketing, allowing them to reach more minority residents with support services.


To reach more community members of culturally diverse backgrounds and age groups with its services, after not marketing itself for nearly 30 years, HCC, an anchor institution of Harlem NY, hired me to create a marketing program to increase brand awareness and program numbers.


Few people knew about HCC or what it could do for them after the nonprofit’s leadership went so long without marketing the organization. However, a new Executive Director understood the positive impact of marketing to build brand awareness and wanted to create a marketing strategy that would help the nonprofit support more community residents.


HCC's marketing goal was to create a brand experience that supported the organization's mission and vision. Based on a 360-degree assessment, I created a marketing plan for HCC that included brand marketing through social media, e-blasts, a new website, a new photo library, and events that appealed to adults and young people.


In leading the marketing campaigns and advertising of 12 diverse company programs, HCC saw a 100% increase in email subscriptions over the first year and a 40% increase in website traffic with a new, more user-friendly website with engaging content.

The nonprofit also experienced a 500% increase in target audience engagement while realizing a 2500% increase in audience growth, a 62% increase in program participation, and a 30% jump in brand awareness.

Marketing efforts also increased the number of GED program participants by 150% to meet the program's quota allowing the program to be funded by the Department of Youth and Community Development for another year.

The impact on the community - a decrease in local community illiteracy, and outreach, helped to recruit 242 community youth, of which 80% are now college-bound.

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