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Vanessa is an eloquent speaker on brand strategy and marketing with over 15 years of marketing experience. Her exciting talks combine passion and humor with memorable insights that are valuable and relevant.


Hire Vanessa, and your audience will get an experience they will never forget with information that can use to brand and market their business or organization in a better way.


“Vanessa instructed a webinar on behalf of HCDC. She did an excellent job putting it together. Vanessa definitely knows her content and marketing.


She also knows how to put it out there and present it in a cogent fashion that anyone can grasp the concepts. I am now a convert.”


Curtis Archer, President, Harlem CDC

“I look forward to Vanessa’s webinars. She is a remarkably engaging presenter with a refreshing grasp of marketing concepts.


Her presentations are a perfect balance of actionable advice and illustrative stories. She also has a personable presence that puts her at the top of my list for speakers covering the topic of marketing.


Book her today!”

Darryl T. Downing, Chairman of I-AM-Harlem and Harlem Business Alliance Marketing Outreach Specialist

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Example Talks

How to Create An Effective Brand Strategy from Scratch

Attendees learn how to develop their internal brand platform, create target audience personas, study their competition, select a brand personality, and how to use it. They also learn how to craft a core brand message before creating content and brand visuals.

5 Steps to Creating An Email Marketing Strategy

Attendees learn brand strategy fundamentals to support email marketing, the best types of emails to send to their email list, winning list-building tactics based on personality, and email optimizations to improve open rates. 

“Vanessa provided an enlightening presentation to the women in the FastTrac® NewVenture™ for the Female Entrepreneur Bootcamp.


The presentation was well-received and gave the participants a new perspective on branding and brand strategy, as Vanessa was extremely informative and engaging.


I truly believe the information she provided has given the women in the Bootcamp a leg up on their competition.”


Tuesday Brooks, MBA, CEO of Ajoy Management Enterprise

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“Loved!” “Holy moly, amazing!”


“Great presentation. You did a nice job of making it actionable and illustrating the difference between business and brand strategy.”

“Wow, this is incredibly in-depth!”

“This is the most thoughtful branding information I've ever heard! I love that it goes so deep into psychology. A lot of presentations aren't deep and advanced!”

“Such an informative presentation I'd love to read again to absorb it all.”

“This was great! I really appreciate that this was explained in human terms instead of marketing jargon.”

“Thank you for highlighting the importance of psychology in business strategy & execution. It's huge!”

“I think I'm officially in love with you. This was awesome. I have been so intimidated by marketing my business, and now I feel like it's actually doable!”

“Thank you for a super informative session!”

“The talk you gave was so informative and genuine, and I found myself really motivated to take the next steps for my small business goals.”

“Your presentation was very thorough and just what I needed. I have been looking for a true brand expert, and I can tell you are an expert for sure.”

2021 Small Biz Creative Conference Attendee Feedback

“Vanessa Matthew is a joy to work with! When I first reached out to her, I was hoping to persuade her to share her years of expertise and professional insights with a group of business students in Southern Illinois. Much to my delight, she enthusiastically wrote back and immediately set up a Zoom meeting to discuss how she could help and what it was I was hoping to give my students.


She came to that Zoom meeting with so much energy and presence that I just knew that the students of Southern Illinois University were going to learn so much about the importance of market research, the data and statistics driving it, and the strategies that go on behind the scenes. Students, staff, and faculty incredibly well received the event.


The students gave positive feedback regarding her topic, her approachability, and the depth of her knowledge. The faculty and staff praised and appreciated her words of wisdom and willingness to engage with the students authentically.


This event was by far one of our students' favorites, and I am fortunate to have connected with her and very thankful that she feels called to share her passion.”

Jennifer Butler, Ph.D., Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

“Attendees loved Vanessa! Vanessa was an ideal presenter for our webinar focused on email marketing. She shares interesting content with a speaking style that is natural and engaging.


Most importantly, she offers a different perspective to marketing that our attendees appreciate. Vanessa has a unique ability to make complex subjects simple to understand.”


Francisco Guzman, Program Director Small Business Services at Harlem CDC

“What a delight to get such fantastic marketing information delivered clearly. Vanessa is a gift to audiences. She draws from her own deep marketing experience to bring practical strategies for approaching marketing to her audience.


Her presentation on email marketing left everyone excited about using email marketing in a more impactful way. Her honest and easy-going presentation style, combined with her command of the material, definitely gave me practical marketing advice and food for thought.”

Liv Nicole, Owner of Unity Spaces