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“Vanessa instructed a webinar on behalf of HCDC. She did an excellent job putting it together. Vanessa definitely knows her content and marketing.


She also knows how to put it out there and present it in a cogent fashion that anyone can grasp the concepts. I am now a convert.”


Curtis Archer, President, Harlem CDC

Vanessa is an eloquent speaker on brand strategy and marketing with over 17 years of marketing experience. Her exciting talks combine passion and humor with unique insights that are valuable and relevant.


Hire Vanessa, and your audience will get an experience they will never forget with information that can use to brand and market a business or organization in a better way.

“I look forward to Vanessa’s webinars. She is a remarkably engaging presenter with a refreshing grasp of marketing concepts.


Her presentations are a perfect balance of actionable advice and illustrative stories. She also has a personable presence that puts her at the top of my list for speakers covering the topic of marketing.


Book her today!”

Darryl T. Downing, Chairman of I-AM-Harlem and Harlem Business Alliance Marketing Outreach Specialist

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Example Talks

How to Create a Magnetic Brand

Attendees learn how to develop their internal brand platform, create target audience personas, study their competition, and select and use a brand personality. They also learn how to craft a core brand message before creating content and brand visuals.

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Attendees learn brand strategy fundamentals to support email marketing, the best types of emails to send to their email list, winning list-building tactics based on personality, and email optimizations to improve open rates. 

“Vanessa provided an enlightening presentation to the women in the FastTrac® NewVenture™ for the Female Entrepreneur Bootcamp.


The presentation was well-received and gave the participants a new perspective on branding and brand strategy, as Vanessa was extremely informative and engaging.


I truly believe the information she provided has given the women in the Bootcamp a leg up on their competition.”


Tuesday Brooks, MBA, CEO of Ajoy Management Enterprise