Brand Strategy and Messaging Strategy

Two Strategies to Rule Them All

Feeling like your service business is drowning in a sea of others offering similar services to you can make you feel defeated, unseen, and unheard.


The last thing you want is to feel ignored, especially when you have a service business. Your services are important. What you are doing for others is important. And attracting people to your service offering is business imperative.

The brand strategy also allows you to achieve your business goals with less effort because your brand expression will be more powerful and authentic.

A brand strategy and brand messaging strategy will give your brand that je ne sais quoi to make you a magnet for those whom you want to serve. You will be able to provide them with a brand experience they will be sure to love.

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A Necessity, Not A Luxury

A brand strategy and brand messaging strategy keeps you focused and lays the foundation for all marketing.


If you’re on a mission to attract more of those you aim to serve because they see your value, a brand and messaging strategy is a must.


Creating a brand strategy and brand messaging strategy is the step you take before crafting a logo, website design, website content, or social media posts to ensure alignment with your brand and business goals. 

VCM Brand Solutions & Process

Consumer Insight




Brand Strategy






Creative Expression







What You Can Get

  • Target audience research

  • Competitive research

  • Brand positioning framework

  • Audience personas

  • Brand voice guidelines

  • Brand messaging language

  • Brand strategy playbook

  • Brand personality guidelines

  • Brand tone and voice guidance

  • Brand essence statement

  • Brand promise statement

  • Brand identity design

  • Brand style guide

  • Brand personality guidelines

  • Brand tone and voice guidance

  • Vision statement

  • Mission statement

  • Value statement

Results You Can Expect

Greater brand equity

Better marketing executions

Increased brand awareness

Marketplace differentiation

Brand clarity


A brand refresh fit for a Queen. Learn how insights from VCM Strategies provided a therapist for women of color with the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in her industry.

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Attract Your Tribe

You are in the right place if you want to attract more members of your target audience. Creating a brand strategy and brand messaging strategy will increase your chances of attracting whom you want to serve with less effort and more deeply. These strategies will also allow you to:

  • Align your brand essence and aesthetics

  • Gain a competitive edge over your competition

  • Communicate a consistent, cohesive brand message

  • Influence the perception of your brand

  • Increase the return on your marketing dollars

  • Push for premium pricing (pay you what you ask)

"When you're competing for contracting opportunities, you have to have a professional, modern website. Our last website design was outdated. We needed an online brand presence that we could be proud of, and that would let others know that we are an established business they can trust. We were referred to Vanessa, and it was so much fun working with her. She listened to our needs, reframed our communication with our target audiences, and designed a website we now love to show to others. We look forward to working with her on future marketing projects for our business."

Fernandez and Farah McKenley, Owners | F2M Fire and Drafting Designs

Strategy Is Right For You If You...

  • Are serious about growing your business to serve more people.

  • Have a brand with an inconsistent look, feel, and message.

  • Are ready to make a real investment in your brand.

  • Want to market your service business with a methodology.

  • Had someone tell you that you needed one.

  • Are attracting people you don’t want to serve.

  • Have a gap in your ability to position and promote your services.

  • You don’t know whom you should ideally target for your services.

Brand Research


Brand Communications


Brand Strategy


Discover how a new digital brand experience helped to recast a Community Development Financial Institution's position, leading to over 2,000 local businesses receiving business assistance and over $1MM in loans dispersed. 


Brand Strategy & Brand Messaging Strategy Service

You will receive the following:

Virtual Discovery Workshop

(brand discussion up to 3 hours)

Brand Audit for Operating Businesses

(assessment of current brand and messages)

Target Audience Research

(research into 1+ target audiences with persona development )

Competitive Intelligence Research

(research into 3+ competitors)

Brand Messaging Strategy with Guidelines

(internal brand, brand positioning, messaging ladder / means-end chain)

Brand Strategy with Guidelines

(brand personality, colors, fonts, voice, tone)

Starting at $4,500*

*Price adjustments depend on your research needs (i.e., survey development, focus groups, etc.). This service takes about 4-8+ weeks to complete given timely turnaround times.


Flexible payment options are available.