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Do you feel like your marketing needs work?

In just 60 minutes, you will receive best-in-class action items that will help take your service business to the next level. You will also receive a roadmap for accomplishing them.


From survey development to social media marketing, I can give you the brand guidance you need. This advice will blend over 15 years of working in marketing with years of brand and marketing education.

Topics that we can discuss include:

  • Growth goals

  • Target audience

  • Branding and brand strategy

  • Content strategy and content marketing

  • Website design and website copy

  • Social media presence

  • One-page marketing plan (I will provide in advance)


Or, anything else you would like to speak about. 


Either way, you are just an hour away from solving brand or marketing challenges.



Before our sessions:

Ahead of our call, you will receive a questionnaire to let me know what you would like to learn from our hour together. Any relevant information you share will help us have a productive session to get the most out of your strategy call. If you struggle to answer any questions asked before our call, this is what our 60-Minute Strategy Intensive is for.


During our sessions:

I will waste no time addressing your questions. You will receive strategic and tactical answers to your questions and anything else you would like to discuss within the hour. If you need help with kickstarting your brand strategy, we can also make your time with me a real-time working session.

Upon request, I can also provide you with a video recording and transcript of our session so that you can focus on the action plan to be discussed or working session.

After our sessions:

You will have the clarity and confidence to make audacious brand and marketing decisions to improve your brand presence and brand awareness. I will also document your next steps so that you are super clear about what to do next for your brand.

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