Here's The Tea In Testimonials

“We’d recommend Vanessa to anyone. She went the extra mile at every turn, and the result is a brand that has exceeded our wildest exceptions. Vanessa is the woman to hire to help build your brand. She is analytical and creative in her processes. Vanessa does not do “off-the-shelf” brand development. She is a true professional, and you will not regret investing in her.” — Kezzia Quintyne-Hilaire, Owner | KQH Mental Health Counseling P.L.L.C.


“Vanessa is ridiculously knowledgeable in her fields of expertise. I felt more confident in my business after implementing a few tips I learned from just one consultation with Vanessa! Be prepared to change your perspective for the betterment of your business.” — Sidra Robertson, Owner | Sidra Startups 


“Oh! Vanessa is a Godsend! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her. Few people have her level of creativity and her ability to think outside the box, all while breaking down complicated concepts to the most novice entrepreneur. I highly recommend Vanessa. She will give you the game plan to get your coins right!” — Liv Nicole, Owner | Unity Spaces


“Vanessa instructed a webinar on behalf of HCDC. She did an excellent job putting it together. Vanessa definitely knows her content and marketing. She also knows how to put it out there and present it in a cogent fashion that anyone can grasp. I am now a convert.” — Curtis Archer, President, Harlem Community Development Corporation


“Attendees loved Vanessa! Vanessa was an ideal presenter. She shares interesting content with a speaking style that is natural and engaging. Most importantly, she offers a different perspective to marketing that our attendees appreciate, as she focused on strategy. Vanessa has a unique ability to make complex subjects simple to understand.” — Francisco Guzman, Program Director Small Business Services at Harlem CDC


“I look forward to Vanessa’s webinars. She is a remarkably engaging presenter with a refreshing grasp of marketing concepts. Her presentations are a perfect balance of actionable advice and illustrative stories. She also has a personable presence that puts her at the top of my list for speakers covering the topic of marketing. Book her today!” — Darryl T. Downing, Chairman of I-AM-Harlem and Harlem Business Alliance Marketing Outreach Specialist


“Vanessa provided an enlightening presentation to the women in the FastTrac® NewVenture™ for the Female Entrepreneur Bootcamp. The presentation was well-received and gave the participants a new perspective on branding and brand strategy, as Vanessa was extremely informative and engaging. I truly believe the information she provided has given the women in the Bootcamp a leg up on their competition.” — Tuesday Brooks, MBA, CEO of Ajoy Management Enterprise


“Vanessa's presentation was educational, informative, and on-target. She was also able to handle questions from business owners with grace. It was a pleasure to hear her speak, as she is providing real value to those who need help with their marketing. All participants left the session with increased knowledge and confidence.” — Asia Marchaman, Senior Analyst, New York University