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Revitalizing KQH Mental Health Counseling’s Brand: A Case Study in Mental Health Marketing

KQH Mental Health Counseling: Empowering Women of Color Through Mental Health Care

KQH Mental Health Counseling is a mental health practice focused on empowering women of color in New York to live happier, healthier lives. By promoting clear thinking and self-awareness, KQH helps clients get the most out of therapy and achieve their personal and professional goals.

The Challenge: How VCM Strategies Helped KQH Mental Health Counseling Rebrand for Success

KQH Mental Health Counseling recognized the need for a rebranding effort that would convey the practice’s professionalism and personality. To achieve this, KQH required a comprehensive brand strategy and messaging strategy to stand out in a crowded mental health industry.

KQH’s New Brand Identity: A Comprehensive Strategy to Stand Out in the Mental Health Industry

VCM Strategies began by conducting thorough target audience research to understand the wants, needs, and behaviors of KQH’s current and potential clients. Competitor analysis was also conducted to identify gaps and opportunities for KQH to differentiate itself in the industry. With this information, VCM Strategies developed a brand strategy that included brand pillars, personality, tone, voice, colors, and fonts. This served as the foundation for developing a strategic messaging framework that leveraged KQH’s new brand position, promise, and story.

Process Components: Brand research (audience and competitors), audience insights, brand strategy (values, voice, position, value proposition), messaging, content (website, social, and email marketing content), and creative (website, visual identity, color scheme, and fonts).

Results: How KQH’s Rebranding Efforts Drove Growth and Attracted New Clients

With the new brand strategy and messaging in place, KQH Mental Health Counseling established an internal brand identity that reflected the practice’s values and personality. The strategic messaging was also well-received by the target audience, driving growth for the practice and helping Kezzia get closer to achieving her business goals. The new brand identity and messaging allowed KQH to stand out in the competitive mental health industry, attracting new clients and increasing overall revenue.

At VCM Strategies, we understand the importance of a comprehensive brand strategy and messaging framework for businesses looking to thrive in competitive industries. If you’re facing similar challenges to KQH Mental Health Counseling, contact Vanessa at VCM Strategies to learn how we can help you establish a clear and compelling brand identity and messaging framework to connect with the right clients and grow your business.


“If you’re looking to build your brand and website, Vanessa is the expert you need to hire. She exceeded our wildest expectations and went above and beyond at every turn. Her analytical and creative approach to brand development and website design sets her apart from the rest. With Vanessa, you won’t get an “off-the-shelf” solution. Instead, you’ll receive a tailored, professional approach that delivers outstanding results. We highly recommend Vanessa to anyone looking for a true professional who can help take their brand to the next level. Trust us, investing in Vanessa is worth every penny.”


— Kezzia Quintyne-Hilaire, Owner | KQH Mental Health Counseling P.L.L.C.

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